Full house?

Being pregnant with our fourth child was bittersweet… Knowing my husband was getting a vasectomy shortly after our fourth was born…

Now our fourth child is almost six weeks old, I have to say goodbye to the pregnancy chapter of my life.. My husband got snipped last week… No more high risk pregnancies, no more of that newborn smell, no more of that ‘glorious glow’ (which I swear is just sweat) haha, no more of that wonderful feeling of feeling the baby kick and move..

I love being pregnant, it is such a magical thing. How amazing it is making and growing a human being inside of you… It truly is a wonderful experience, even with the extreme heartburn all day and all night, the constantly going pee every 5 minutes, the horrible itching all day and all night and that is thanks to Intraheptic Cholestasis of pregnancy… As much as I hate being high risk, I would do it over again in a heart beat…

I thought I would be happy with having my husband get a vasectomy, but I can’t help feel like that door is closed forever… Sure it can be reversed, but we also don’t have 5000 dollars just to put down on surgery…. four kids are enough, kids are expensive, I just love making them, growing them and raising them into great human beings..

So while I get frustrated at how much my 6 week old is cluster feeding, or always wanting to be held all day and all night,  or how I haven’t had a shower in 2 days and I smell like baby puke, I will always remind myself that these cuddles don’t last forever.. In fact, it goes pretty damn fast, really in a blink of an eye!

I know this because our oldest is almost a teenager! 😐 It truly does go by fast, so I will treasure these moments ❤


Unexpected issues during pregnancy

My husband and I were very much excited when we found out I was pregnant. We had been trying since the end of Feb 2014, and got a positive the end of July 2014. I had already been taking prenatal vitamins, I wanted to be prepared for this pregnancy. I started getting these awful pains and cramps very early on, so bad I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I decided to go to the ER after a shift at work. By the time I got seen by a doctor it was midnight. She was concerned I was having a ectopic pregnancy, so did an ultrasound herself but she couldn’t find anything abnormal. She ordered an ultrasound for the next day and I had to go back to the ER to find out the results. It was a inch by inch Corpus Lutum cyst. The baby was in the sac in the uterus and I was 6 weeks. So all was good! I decided to have the IPS screening done because I was 29, and my last pregnancy I was 20!

The IPS screening was all negative, and the anatomy scan looked great they said, the baby was growing just fine! And it was a boy! Benton’s first child was a boy.

By 22-23 weeks I was finding it very hard to work at my job. I work as a PSW in a Long Term Care Nursing home. On a typical day I will take care of 8-16 residents in an 8 or 16 hour shift. Just depends on how short staffed we are. So my doctor put me on modified duties to 6 hours a shift. But then I couldn’t do that anymore, so he put me down to 5 hours and I had to sit down ever 15 mins. That was very hard to do considering we were always short staffed and running our asses off… That’s a whole other story in itself!  But I just couldn’t stand long at all, I felt like my vagina was on fire and there was so much pressure, and I had never experienced that in my other pregnancies. So by 26 weeks I was off on sick leave.

Boy was I ever bored! I still tried to be active by it hurt so much.

By the 26-27th week I had this itching all over my body, it sometime itched during the day, but 10000000 times itchy at night, and you know at that point in the last trimester where you cant sleep, you have heartburn so much you feel like you are a fiery dinosaur, you are peeing every 20 minutes, and then add this itchiness that was the point I hated being pregnancy and I was completely done with it!

I had tried lotions, creams and benadryl to help the itchiness. The benadryl helped because it put me to sleep for a few hours. My husband would also tell me to tell my doctor but I would always forget. But I had just chalked it up to it being winter and the baby sucks everything out of you. Well I was 32 weeks pregnant and Benton had the day off and it was my OB appt, so he came with me, and he mentioned to my OB about my itchiness. The OB said sounds like intrahepatic chloestasis. He described what that was. It impairs the flow of bile, and the bile gets into the blood stream and that’s what causes the itchiness He said its very dangerous for the baby. But to confirm this they need blood work done of bile salts and it takes about a week for the results to come back. He gave me the medication for cholestasis anyhow. But within 2 days of the medication, I had no more itching!  The next week at my appointment he said my bile salts were elevated and I did have cholestasis. So we would need to induce my at 38 weeks because this cholestasis causes stillborn, non stress test and an ultrasound every week, as well as I need to do kick counts every day. So we decided March 20th because I was in school and I wanted to do it after my week of tests I had.

At 35 weeks I had was feeling off at school one day. I got light headed, dizzy, and you know how you get blind when you stare into direct sunlight or a bright light, that’s how my eyes were. I finished the class but then was so scared to drive home since I was at Georgian in Barrie. But I did it, I got home and I started crying I was scared lol. My husband took my blood pressure it was normal, but he was worried so we went to the labour and delivery. I got checked out, put on the non stress monitor, the checked my blood and checked for antibodies. Everything was fine as the nurse said, they were waiting for two more things from my blood to come back, but she said the OB said I could go home.

I was 36 weeks and 6 days when I had my next OB appointment. Benton had this day off so he came as well. My OB said he was doing more research on cholestasis, and says the stillborn rates increase significantly after 37 weeks. Then says, so I want to induce you tomorrow. You should of seen Benton’s face, it was priceless haha. My OB said he would leave for a few mins to let us talk about it and come back. Benton and I agreed that when I was asleep I wouldn’t feel him move so if he died while I was sleep we would never forgive ourselves, so we said yes to inducing at 37 weeks. So my OB called the hospital to arrange for me to be induced at 8am the next morning. That as well is a whole other story!

As much as I had an wild time this pregnancy, I still would not trade it for my little guy, who we named Hawkston and my husband was so very much supportive through the whole pregnancy ❤