Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

As we just finish making out stuffing and stuffing it in the turkey, and putting the turkey in the oven, this year we have much to be thankful for. We are not religious by any means, but we celebrate all holidays by just getting together with our family and speeding valuable time with them, as we are all bust throughout the year. This year our third child almost died, as some of my previous posts have stated. He was hours away from dying had we had gone back to the hospital in the afternoon instead we went into the morning, and the doctor ordered a complete CBC and then was immediately admitted. Although that is in our past, and some families have dealt with wise situations then we did, we are truly greatful that we still our baby and he is doing well… We have gone through a lot as a family this year, but I am not surprised what so ever on how we handled everything. I am thankful and happy that our other two older children handled this past year extremely well. They might of got pushed to the side while we dealt with our baby in the hospital for a few weeks, they handled it very well, and they understood, but it was still sad to see. Now their baby brother is 7 months on Oct 14th and they still love him and want to help me anyway they can. Some days I am stressed because of the lack of sleep, since the babe still gets up every few hours at night, the other older children take it in stride. If you Noa and Chloe ever read this some day, it does not go unnoticed. I appreciate everything you do, and how you help me, and how you try not to get upset when I am frustrated and stressed. My parents have also been helpful, anytime they can they watch the babe so my husband and I can go on a date night. And my husbands dad and step mom has helped me out a lot, while the babe was colic until he was 4 months, when he was 2 months they took him every friday for a few hours so I could relax and not get too stressed and not go crazy. That definitely helped me out a lot. But my time was spent packing because we were moving to a bigger house lol … All in all we had a great year thus far, and have much to be thankful for.