Full house?

Being pregnant with our fourth child was bittersweet… Knowing my husband was getting a vasectomy shortly after our fourth was born…

Now our fourth child is almost six weeks old, I have to say goodbye to the pregnancy chapter of my life.. My husband got snipped last week… No more high risk pregnancies, no more of that newborn smell, no more of that ‘glorious glow’ (which I swear is just sweat) haha, no more of that wonderful feeling of feeling the baby kick and move..

I love being pregnant, it is such a magical thing. How amazing it is making and growing a human being inside of you… It truly is a wonderful experience, even with the extreme heartburn all day and all night, the constantly going pee every 5 minutes, the horrible itching all day and all night and that is thanks to Intraheptic Cholestasis of pregnancy… As much as I hate being high risk, I would do it over again in a heart beat…

I thought I would be happy with having my husband get a vasectomy, but I can’t help feel like that door is closed forever… Sure it can be reversed, but we also don’t have 5000 dollars just to put down on surgery…. four kids are enough, kids are expensive, I just love making them, growing them and raising them into great human beings..

So while I get frustrated at how much my 6 week old is cluster feeding, or always wanting to be held all day and all night,  or how I haven’t had a shower in 2 days and I smell like baby puke, I will always remind myself that these cuddles don’t last forever.. In fact, it goes pretty damn fast, really in a blink of an eye!

I know this because our oldest is almost a teenager! 😐 It truly does go by fast, so I will treasure these moments ❤


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