Not sure how to feel…

My husband and I were talking about jobs and such, and he said if I was an RN he doesn’t think I would be happy as an RN because of the frustrations that come with the job and that I wouldn’t be happy. I am a PSW, and he said that I used to complain all the time when I came home from work. And he thinks I don’t like being a PSW and just do it because it pays well. Then he points out it was the same thing when I was in school for massage therapy. I finished my second year, and I got pregnant so I had to work full time to get the 600 hours to get the year off on maternity leave. I have the third and final year left to do for massage therapy and I don’t want to go back. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t. But he made sure to point out that I know don’t want to do massage therapy anymore, so he thinks I just do personal support worker because it’s a job. Not because I like it.  Just because we may get frustrated at your jobs sometimes, and come home and tell your SO about how bad your day was doesn’t mean you don’t love your job. Everyone is going to have good days and bad days at work. That doesn’t mean you are just doing that job because it pays well. Yes I did get frustrated and annoyed a lot when I worked in my last nursing home, because of management and how they treat us like shit and expect so much and we get no appreacation and that comes with the job, any job really. But you can only handle so much!

If I didn’t want to be a PSW I wouldn’t still be a PSW after 4 years since graduating from the program  I love my job, and sure I do get frustrated at times, but like I said that comes with any job. It really upsets me that he thinks this way about me! Like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

But once I pointed out he got frustrated and always came home complaining about his day, he had an excuse. Oh that was because I was getting burnt out and I was working too much. Of course, he can say he doesn’t think I like being a PSW, and really that means, I think you shouldn’t be a PSW, but when I throw it back in his face, it’s a different reason and an excuse, but he should be and will always be an RN  blah, blah… Men! I tell ya!


Maybe  I will just sit on my ass and complain about that LMAO…



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