Back to school

Now that the first week of school is in, and my children are getting into their routine. They have simply forgot to do their chores right after school and instead of doing their chores they go outside and play with their friends. They are eleven and ten and one has to clean the kitchen and the other child has to clean the living room, sweep each of the room and make sure their room is clean. Not too much, so I showed them a chore lit of what their age should be doing. They were astonished at how much they should be doing. But they quickly forget how easy they have it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cleaning, it makes me feel better, it clears my head, but when I have a 6 month old to deal with all day who has been cranky and clingy cleaning makes it hard to do.

So I just breathe and try to remember they are just kids and they want to play. But I want to teach them and get them ready for when they live on their own, so they aren’t slobs! hahaha


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