The 37 week induction

Well, my husband and I knew that at 38 weeks we would have to be induced because of the ICP, but when I had my 36 weeks 6 day OB appointment that husband was able to come to, my OB sits down asks how I am feeling and doing, and then gets straight to it. He says I have been doing more research since your appointment last week, and after 37 weeks is when the chances of stillborn risk increases significantly, so for that reason I want to induce you tomorrow morning. You should of seen my husbands face, it was priceless and I managed to get a picture of it. My OB said he would give us a few minutes to talk about it and he would go talk to the next patient of his. My husband and I both agreed we wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if during the night while I was ‘sleeping’ and our bay passed away. So my OB came back and we told him we are going to be induced tomorrow, so he called the hospital and asked who was on call that weekend (because the next day was Thursday and he was off that weekend) and it was Dr. Will. So they booked in for 8am induction.

So Benton drives us to the hospital and we both had barely slept, but we had coffee to get us through the day haha. We get all checked in and they set me up to the monitor to check the heart rate of the baby. So we just had to wait for my OB Dr. McKinney go get to the hospital. He does a membrane sweep again, yesterday at his office he did one, which helped because I had lost my mucus plug just before going to the hospital. He gets the nurse to get the cervidil, and he uses 2 doses, and does another membrane sweep. I have one big contraction and that was it. Dr. McKinney says if nothing happens, and I don’t go into labour, to come back in tomorrow morning at 8am and they will break my water.

The nurses told me I had to stay hooked up to the monitor for an hour and if nothing else happened then we could go home. Well nothing happened right that one big contraction, so we got to go home. It was around 1030am, and Benton has asked me what I wanted to eat, since we weren’t hungry before leaving for the hospital. I said, Cora’s so we went to Cora’s. It was delicious as always, and then we drove home and met Benton’s mom at our house. She visited with us for a few hours, she was hoping Hawkston was going to be born, but that didn’t quite work out.

I started having contractions around 5-6pm and they were about 2-3 minutes apart, but Benton and I were watching the latest episode of Grey’s so I didn’t want to say anything, until he noticed I was in pain. So we went back to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitor and I was contracting but the nurse said it was just from the gel they used. They let us go back home and told us to come back for 8am so they could break my water. The contractions were still 2-3 mins apart all night and didn’t stop until 3am, so I barely got any sleep.

So we get there for 8am again and check in, and against hey set me up to the monitor, apparently I was contracting a little bit but I didn’t feel them. We wait for Dr. McKinney to come by and break my water. He comes in and does yet another sweep and tells me he’s been told to not break my water yet as they are about to do an emergency c-section and the nurses are going to be busy. So Dr. McKinney says he needs to go to his office and work and will come back in a few hours. So he comes on his break and by then they had a few extra emergency c-sections coming from the ER, so he was told I have to be put on the back burner. He said he would come back on his lunch break. So again he comes on his lunch break and the nurses still busy, but they said in the next few hours they should be good. So he told us to go get some lunch and to be back in an hour or so.  So Dr. McKinney comes back around 2pm, and we got the go. So he does another sweep and then gets me all set up and breaks me water at 235pm. I really hate that feeling, I had it done with my second one and it feels like you are peeing yourself and it feels like it doesn’t stop.

Then my contractions are instant, they were every 3 mins and lasting 35 seconds. So the nurses told me to walk because I was only 2cm dilated. So I walked, but I couldn’t do it for long because I was in a lot of pain, and I was just exhausted already. They moved in me into the labour room around 4pm, and then I got the nurse to call Dr. McKinney if I could have a bath, he said I could. Benton ran the water, and I couldn’t stay in it long because he made it too hot 😛 I tried the rocking chair to help relax me but that didn’t work, so I just got into the bed and I stayed there.

So it was around 630pm and Dr. Will was now call (Dr. McKinney was off) so Dr. Will checked me and I was 2.5cm dilated. I was so upset, because I know you have to get to 10cm before you can give birth, and I also knew that the longer I was in labour the more likely I was going to have to have a c-section because once your water breaks you can get an infection if your in labour to long, and the baby can have D cells which mean the baby isn’t doing good. So I asked for the epidural. I had an epidural with my first but it didn’t work, so I was hoping it would this time. So the nurse called the anesthesiologist, but he was in the OR and was going to be there for another few hours. And my mom and I laughed because the same thing happened with my second, I asked for the epidural and the anesthesiologist was in the OR until 1pm, and I had my daughter at 101pm. So the nurse called another anesthesiologist who was off, thankfully he said he would come in and do my epidural! Again it didn’t work, the nurses said it was from S1 down that it worked so I didn’t feel anything around my vagina. They also hooked me up to pitcin as well

It was around 10-1030pm when Dr. Will checked me again. I was still 2.5cm dilated he said maybe 2.75cm, I was so upset, knowing I would probably have to have a c-section. But then he said I feel some scar tissue on your cervix, and so he scrapped it off, then he said you immediately went to 5cm. Dr. Will also said the scar tissue must of been from the LEEP procedure I had done in July 2013. Within an hour I was 10cm dilated !!! WOOOO But I was just so exhausted from the contractions and not sleeping well the past 2 days, I just rode out my contractions for another hour. I know that sounds silly, but I didn’t have the energy to push lol And I wanted to let Benton have his first child on Pi day. So at 12am on March 14, 2015 I started pushing, I pushed for 19 mins obviously when I had contractions and at 1219am Hawkston was born!!! Dr. Will let me tear naturally and every time the head was out he told me to stop pushing and so the head would rest on my vagina opening to stretch it. He said I only needed a fees stitches, which was great because with my first and second I had a episiotomy and got cut open from vagina to anus with both so I got a lot of stitches and it hurt a lot when sitting down.

I am so very glad Dr. Will felt the scar tissue and I was able to have a vaginally delivery, c-section is not something I want done, but obviously if that what needs to happen, but that it ok as well. 🙂


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